TechPro², sponsored by FCA and CNH Industrial with the collaboration of the Salesian Works worldwide, prepares young professionals to be employed in workshops of the two Groups

What TechPro²is

It is one of the most important training projects of FCA and CNH Industrial. It is a programme dedicated to young people, and its aim is to train highly qualified personnel to be placed in the automotive industry. Created in 2008 in collaboration with the CNOS-FAP (National Centre of the Salesian Society - Vocational and Professional Training), the project has grown over the years and has spread out in Italy and the world over with Training Centres. The purpose of the initiative is twofold. On the one hand, it meets the need for specialised operators that the dealerships and authorised workshops of the FCA and CNH Industrial brands have. On the other, it directs young people who also come from poor social environments and are looking for tangible professional opportunities to the job market.

As of today, about 377,813 hours of training have been given to over 12,500 students in eight languages at the 58 TechPro² centres around the world.

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Learning activities

The TechPro² project responds to the company's needs of qualified labour by offering specialised technical training to young people who have completed their compulsory education.

The training course is offered in collaboration with the country's Salesian Schools, in compliance with current local regulations and in line with the sector's evolution. The training model envisages training teachers ("Train the Trainer") and transferring knowledge to the students.

The educational course includes theoretical and practical training in Salesian School classrooms (adapted, renovated and furnished by FCA and CNH Industrial in accordance with the laws and regulations that the Groups apply to their networks) and periods of work experience at the Group's dealerships, in order to develop their skills.

In 2014, 695 students in Italy participated in an internship at the network of official FCA and CNH Industrial dealers.

Job opportunities

The educational programme contemplates apprenticeships and internships at network workshops.This allows the youngsters involved to develop solid technical and professional competence and at the same time to gain important experience in the field.

To that end, over the years a number of actions targeted at increasing and improving relations between the training centres and authorised Group networks have been carried out in order to identify new job opportunities. Moreover, the basic level of the courses has been reinforced with the introduction and offering of advanced courses on diagnostic equipment for workshops and gas supply systems for vehicles, with special attention focused on environmental issues.

This has made it possible to quickly update and expand the training offer in response to vehicle development and allow TechPro² to train future professionals, acting as a liaison between the training system and job opportunities in the areas of after-sales service.

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TechPro² Award 2016

On 13 and 14 May, the 16 outstanding CFP trainees from the CNOS-FAP network partaking in the TechPro² project and drawn from all over Italy, competed at the Motor Village in Rome for the "TechPro² Award”.