The latest implementation of TechPro² was made in ennerdale in South Africa, with a program edition dedicated to engines that, for this reason, includes both classroom training and practical exercises in a dedicated technical workshop.


The initiative was inaugurated on 16 March of this year at the "Don Bosco Educational Center" in Ennerdale, location of the course.

FPT Industrial, the brand dedicated to engines, has provided educational materials and engines for both generators and for road application. In addition to the supply of machinery for practical work, FPT Industrial has developed on-line training modules to provide basic information on the engines that will be used in the course. 

The technical and specialized component of the program will be delivered by the local Technical Department of CNH Industrial.

The course, which lasts one year, will be conducted by a local teacher; when the course is profitably completed, students will receive a special certificate recognized by the Government of South Africa. Furthermore, at the end of the course, internships will be organized at local FPT Industrial dealerships to offer students the opportunity to gain real experience in the field, thus preparing them better for the labour market.

FPT Industrial is also actively involved in training the future South African trainers through digital courses, which will have a specific section dedicated to TechPro² program. This digital training is available to trainers on a web platform provided directly by FPT Industrial.


In Turin the first edition of the international TechPro² event


In addition to illustrating the activities carried out so far and the future TechPro² programs, during the meeting there was the opportunity to reward some of the most deserving students who attended the training in different countries over the world.

TechPro² is not only a development program for creating highly specialized workshop professionals, it is also a global-scale project involving and speaking directly to young people (many of whom coming from disadvantaged social contexts) to offer them a sure professional future. The event took place in Turin, seven young program participants were called on stage to accept a symbolic parchment scroll in recognition of their efforts and achievements.

Simone Cassino, a 17-year old Italian boy, in addition to winning the 2015 TechPro² Award also won the 2015 Piedmont WorldSkills Crafts Championship placing first with 548 points in the Mechanics section. Simone will therefore compete at the National WorldSkills Italy Championship in Bolzano and at the European EuroSkills Championship in Gothenburg (Sweden) in November.

Teshale Belay comes from Ethiopia, he is an eighteen year old boy who lived in the street and that - thanks to TechPro² - has radically changed his lifestyle. After the course he received the Bosco Children Automotive Department diploma and immediately found a job at a local workshop. In addition to working, he attends night school and is reaping the rewards of his efforts.

Olivia Masedi, a twenty-five year old South African girl, is a mechanic expert in commercial vehicles that has casually came into contact with TechPro². After being one of the first women to work in this area, now she has a dream: to open a workshop of her own.

Gioele Bombieri is the best student of the school in Verona and winner of the eighth TechPro² Award, held in May 2016: a challenge among the best students in each school, in a technical (detection of the fault starting from the customer reports with their skills and use of FCA official instruments) and relational test, consisting of active customer listening, development of a relationship to maintain the customer fidelity and explanation of the work carried out.

Keith Marian D'Souza is the best student of the six schools in India. In the Asian nation the courses are shorter but intense and conclude with a stage at one of the FCA plants or at a supplier’s site: these internships usually end with a permanent employment (on average over 94 percent of cases) if the students do not continue with their studies.

Tomasz Piszczkiewicz is the best student of the Polish school. In Poland, the course is not only professional, but includes technical school and high school studies.

The Argentine Agustín Santiago Salazar Iñiguez is the best student of the six schools of his country. Now he is finishing the seventh and final year of the course: in Argentina the courses last until full age and usually the boys, either graduates and automotive technicians, find a job immediately (in over 90 percent of cases).

The partnership of three important identities, leaders in their respective industries - which are FCA, CNH Industrial and Salesian Schools - is giving the opportunity to create professionals who are not “only” workshop technicians but above all mature professionals at all stages of their future activities: customer welcoming, vehicle repair and return to the customer. It is therefore essential to acquire technical skills for the second stage, while listening skills and problems understanding in the first and last stages are essential, being clear and transparent in explaining the estimates and interventions made and thus being able to create a relationship with the customer.

TechPro² AWARD 2016

MOPAR® with young trainees at the automotive sector's national competition .

TechPro² AWARD 2016

On 13 and 14 May, the 16 outstanding CFP trainees from the CNOS-FAP network partaking in the TechPro² project and drawn from all over Italy, competed at the Motor Village in Rome for the "TechPro² Award”. 

The purpose of this initiative – organised by the Technical Service Operations of FCA's Mopar® brand, in collaboration with Unetversity – was to:

- stimulate the trainees to use the skills learned during their training qualification in a competitive context;
- contribute to continuing improvements in the technical and professional training standards of the Professional Training Centres by competing on a national level;
- offer the benefits of a technical refresher course;
- consolidate the local and national relationship between the CNOS-FAP network and FCA.

The trainees firstly underwent a practical test, involving the diagnosis and repair of a fault previously prepared on a car engine, carrying out the correct procedures with the help of diagnostic devices and technical assistance manuals. 

At the end of this test, the trainees had to draw up a report on the procedures adopted, which they then had to discuss with FCA technicians. 

The scores and results achieved over various tests enabled the examining commission to declare the final winner. 

The award ceremony of the project, organised by FCA Mopar® and now in its 8th year, took place at the Fiat Center Italia in Rome. 

The winner came from the CNOS-FAP in Verona, the 2° from the CNOS-FAP in Arese, and the third-placed competitor from the San Donà di Piave CNOS-FAP. 

Demonstrating how the world of engine repairs is changing, and how professions that once were an exclusively male preserve are now becoming less gender-biased, this year's edition witnessed the presence of a girl: previously she had proved herself the best trainee in the San Donà di Piave Institute, and during the TechPro² Award she took her place on the podium with the best trainees in Italy.


The first TechPro² course for farming vehicle maintenance personnel

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December 2015


Through the New Holland AG brand, CNH Industrial has launched in Rome the first edition of the TechPro² programme, centred on training in the sector of farm machinery.
The opening ceremony was held on 4 December at the Istituto Salesiano Gerini in Rome, the location where the series of lessons will be held; representatives of the local authorities were present, as well as those of the academic and industrial world, such as Maurizio Drezzadore, Director of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, and Claudio Destro, Chairman of Confagricoltura Rome, and representatives of CNH Industrial, including the managers of the Sustainability division and of the New Holland Agriculture brand. During the ceremony, Adriano Tomba, General Secretary of Fondazione Cattolica Assicurazioni, read the personal message of greeting from the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. This is the first course, in the TechPro² training offer, to focus on the maintenance and repair of farming machinery. For this new programme, New Holland Agriculture supplies the know-how, instruments, materials and a specially prepared T6 tractor. The first edition of this course, in which 20 students are enrolled, is being held in Rome and includes three years of basic mechanical training and 1 year of specific training on agricultural machines. At the end of the course, the students will receive the diploma of "Farming Vehicle Maintenance Technician", and will also have the chance of an internship with one of the company's dealers.

TechPro² AWARD 2015

The best CNOS-FAP students taking part in the TechPro² project coming from throughout Italy challenged each other at the Milan Motor Village for the "TechPro² award” at Expo Milano 2015 on May 7 and 8.

TechPro² AWARD 2015

The best CNOS-FAP students taking part in the TechPro² project coming from throughout Italy challenged each other at the Milan Motor Village for the "TechPro² Award” at Expo Milano 2015 on May 7 and 8. The award ceremony of the project, organised by FCA Mopar® and now in its seventh year, took place in Palazzo Lombardia.


CNH Industrial, in cooperation with don bosco educational projects, and with the support of its brand IVECO, has launched TechPro² programme in Ennerdale, Johannesburg.


The inauguration ceremony took place on April 23 at the Don Bosco Educational Projects School in Ennerdale. The event was attended by local representatives as well as employees from CNH Industrial who were directly involved in bringing this project to fruition.
The Provincial Superior of the Salesians, Francois Dufour, and CNH Industrial Senior Vice President, Southern Africa, Mario Gasparri opened the ceremony. The programme in South Africa will train 12 students each year. Upon completion, the graduates will earn a certificate in Professional Commercial Vehicles Mechanics. This certificate will be recognised by the South African government agency MerSETA. Graduates are then provided with internship opportunities within the company’s local network to put their newly-learned skills to work, gaining valuable on-the-job experience.
CNH Industrial has built the site’s workshop and provided the tools, equipment, engines and a heavy range Stralis truck from its Iveco brand for students to practise on. In addition to supplying the physical workshop and supplies, CNH Industrial provides industry expertise to the program: professionals from the company are brought in to transfer their knowledge through the delivery of technical training to local instructors in a phase classified as “Train the Trainer”.


“Learning by doing” at Changshan Vocational Secondary School in China’s Zhejiang Province.

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November 2014


Following the signing of a sponsorship agreement between the CNHI and Yizhong Education, on November 14, 2014, TechPro² has been launched at the Changshan Vocational Secondary School in China’s Zhejiang Province.
The official opening ceremony was attended by officials from the Bureau of Education of Zhejiang Province, from the Office of Education of Quzhou City and the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Changshan County as well as other local authorities. Luca Biagini, Head of CNH Industrial China, Howard Lu, Director of CNH Industrial Human Resources China, and Daniela Ropolo, CNH Industrial EMEA and APAC Sustainability, were present on behalf of CNH Industrial.
The TechPro² program at the Changshan Vocational Secondary School will train 101 students and 13 teachers over the course of three years. The training sessions will be held on the school’s new campus located on the northern bank of Changshan Harbor. This new campus is the result of a total investment of more than 56 million Yuan and extends over a total area of about 93,000 square meters, with a total built area of about 51,000 square meters.

TechPro² AWARD 2014

The 7, 8 and 9 may the 15 best students of the cnos-fap taking part in the TechPro² project and coming from all over italy, took each other on at the motor village in rome at the 6th edition of the "Techpro² award".

TechPro² AWARD 2014

The 7, 8 and 9 May the 15 best students of the CNOS-FAP taking part in the TechPro² project and coming from all over Italy, took each other on at the Motor Village in Rome at the 6th edition of the "TechPro² Award". This initiative has been carried out by the Technical Services of FCA, in collaboration with the Technical Training unetversity.

The purposes of the Service are 
-stimulate the students to compete with the skills acquired during the qualifying training programme
-contribute to continuous improvement of the technical-professional and training standards of the CFPs, competing in a national challenge
-consolidate the local and national relationship of the CNOS-FAP Federation with FCA 

The students have taken a written test (Technical questionnaire), an oral test about the role of the receptionist (Customer-Receptionist interview) and a practical test about diagnosis and connected repair of a simulated fault on the vehicle, by carrying out the necessary repair procedures with the help of the diagnosis equipment and the Service Manuals.

When the practical test has been completed the students have drafted a report about the procedures adopted which has been discussed with the FCA technicians.

The evaluation of the results obtained by the students in the various tests allowed the commission to declare the winner.
The student in first place is from the CNOS-FAP of Turin-Rebaudengo, second from the CNOS-FAP of San Donà di Piave and third from the CNOS-FAP of Udine.


The Bosco Children Centre of Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) plays host to the technical training course under the TechPro² project attended by 20 students and supported by IVECO.

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February 2014


The Bosco Children Centre di Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) plays host to the technical training course under the TechPro² project attended by 20 students and supported by Iveco. The Salesian Society built the Bosco Children Centre in the Ethiopian capital city to offer street children an opportunity by taking them in and preparing them for integration in society in a comfortable facility. Over 350 children, of whom 160 are full-time, have found a place at the centre. As part of the TechPro² programme, CNH Industrial supplied its know-how to the Salesians so that they can in turn transmit it to the students. Added to this is financial support and the supply of tools helpful for classroom training, such as vehicles for practicing, essential components such as engines and transmissions and repair tools. The 20 young trainees in Addis Abeba will become "car repair engineers", a highly specialised profession in the field of mechatronics. The course will last nine months and will guarantee a certificate officially recognised in Ethiopia that will give the students a considerable competitive edge when entering the local job market.


As part of the TechPro² project, FCA has launched “virtual classrooms” to promote knowledge of training opportunities


The advantages of the TechPro², l project, the sites involved and the process of taking part in a stage can be learned about from the FCA network by attending several training sessions offered in e-learning mode and called "Virtual Classrooms". Each session lasts about one hour. The first nine virtual classrooms took place in December. Eight more followed in January 2014 and another six in February. Until now the FCA network Dealers and Authorised Workshops located within 25 km from the address of the CNOS-FAP (Salesian Training Centre) concerned have been reached. The CNOS-FAP centres already involved by the virtual classrooms are Arese, Bra, Brescia, Forlì, Fossano, Genoa, Rome, San Donà di Piave, Turin and Udine. This initiative is believed to conclude by March or April after reaching the FCA network involved by the other training centres.